A Guide to Choosing and Using Decorative Wood Veneers

Decorative wood veneers are a beautiful aspect of woodworking with the ability to express the natural splendour of timber, showing off its inherent features and adding a touch of luxury and elegance to any commercial or residential interior.

Produced either by slicing or peeling a timber log into thin sheets, decorative wood veneers are an incredibly versatile and easy to work with product, much championed by woodworkers and interior designers. From kitchens to bedrooms, and panelling for an array of applications, there really is so much you can do with decorative wood veneers, and they present many benefits.

How to use decorative wood veneers

Decorative wood veneers lend themselves to a range of uses and can be used in almost every part of a room, from the floor and walls to the doors and ceiling and all manner of furniture including dining tables. The one-of-a-kind appeal adds character in so many ways.

Many high end kitchen designers choose to use veneers to create spectacular finishes, often blending them with solid wood to achieve a very eye-catching effect. Veneered kitchens are popular amongst those seeking to craft a unique look, as every log is different and produces a variety of effects depending on the cutting technique and matching style used.

Veneered kitchen

Decorative wood veneers are also a great way to bring a bedroom to life. A feature wall, a veneered wood headboard, cabinets and wardrobes finished in natural wood veneers… whether you are renovating a high end residence or fitting out an entire hotel chain, you won’t be short on ideas when using wood veneers.

Veneer wall panelling is another popular use for decorative wood veneers. This can be used to hide plumbing and cabling, to create a period look for a home, or to fashion a feature wall.

How to choose decorative wood veneers

The overall look for your commercial or residential interior project will depend upon the choice of timber species for your decorative wood veneers, and the matching technique.

Wood veneer experts will help you choose just the right species to suit your project. They also know precisely how to work with the natural repeat of the wood grain. A huge amount of skills goes into selecting and arranging each veneer leaf so as to ensure the very best is drawn out of the wood.

For your interior project, you may wish to achieve a perfectly flowing look with everything matched perfectly. On the other hand, it may be contrast you are looking for. Both will result in an eye-catching finish, but in very different ways. Here lies the beauty of decorative wood veneers, and their ability to highlight architectural features, or create a feature in their own right.

Veneered furniture

There are many timber species that can be used as decorative wood veneers. Some are more flamboyant and exotic than others. From smooth looking straight grain to intriguing burr and amazing looking figured veneers, you are sure to find something to suit any project.

Expertise in decorative wood veneers, for the most memorable commercial and residential interiors

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Our services are fully comprehensive, allowing us to provide whatever you need in terms of decorative wood veneers, either fully machined or ready to fit, or prepared for your own finishing. We can also provide extensive advice on choosing and matching the perfect timber species for your individual project.

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