Real Wood Architectural Veneers

Real wood veneers are exceptionally durable and incredibly eye-catching, making them ideal for a variety of high-end applications.

At Read Veneers in Essex, we offer a vast choice of timber species, from modern favourites such as beech and maple through on-trend varieties such as American Oak, and the more exotic types like the finely mottled red Amboyna burr and the boldly striped Macassar ebony.

When it comes to quality and finish, the difference always comes down to the matching, and that’s a skill we’ve honed to polished effect over the years. We buy in complete logs to ensure we can provide matching runs for the ultimate in flow and consistency – and instant appeal. The difference this attention makes to the wood veneer finish really is outstanding.

Good matching creates a flow and consistency that really shines through in real wood veneers, and you can learn more about the techniques used and find tips on choosing wood veneers by following the links below. There’s also an A-Z photo index of timber species to help you navigate your way around the extensive choice in natural wood veneer on offer from Read Veneers.