Veneered Rest Rooms

Veneered Rest Rooms

Many of the most prestigious and popular venues in the UK have elected to use veneered rest rooms, and it is no wonder, as the resulting effect is elegant and stylish, never failing to make the right impression.

Wood veneered rest rooms are one of our most popular commercial product lines. We can produce real wood veneers for entire rest room suites including backing panels, vanity units, door sets and storage solutions.

Flawless Matching for the Ultimate VIP Rest Room

We’ll usually work from architects’ drawings or CAD/CAM files when producing veneered rest rooms. As with all our products, expert assistance is on hand when it comes to achieving a flawless match to any existing or planned design scheme – whatever the style – whether it’s period, traditional or modern. We can even incorporate inlaid logos or insignia for that extra-special touch of uniqueness for your veneered rest room.

Every element of a veneered rest room can leave our factory machined and ready to fit, or produced in part for your own finishing: our service is completely flexible.

Veneered Rest Rooms for Prestigious Venues

For any venue, creating the perfect first impression is crucial, and what better way to do so than with striking rest rooms? If there is one area of a venue that every patron is certain to visit, it is the rest rooms. And if the same level of attention is paid to the aesthetics of a rest room as is paid to the rest of the venue, you are certain to make a memorable mark.

With wood veneered rest rooms, you get to create something unique. Something that appeals to your particular audience, and that fits sympathetically with the style and period of the venue, whether it’s contemporary, modern or traditional.

By blending different species of wood veneers, and choosing exotic timbers that aren’t so common such as olive ash burr, bubinga, elm cluster, mahogany curl or European oak burr, you can achieve some of the most stunning finishes.

Please give us a call on 01277 811 771 or get in touch to discuss your veneered rest room requirements and for helpful, expert advice.

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