Choosing Veneers

Expert Advice on Choosing Veneers

A great deal of care and consideration has to go into selecting the very best real wood veneers for each individual application. Each and every leaf of veneer is wonderfully unique in character which is why they are so popular amongst architects and designers looking to create something truly captivating.

The burrs and marbling of certain timber species can be used to great effect and we can offer the expert advice you need to achieve the precise look you are seeking from a wood veneer finish.

Natural Wood Veneer Matching

At Read Veneers we use a selection of matching techniques to achieve stunning visual effects. The choice of matching technique is dependent on the timber species, the natural characteristics of the selected timber and the production method. You’ll find our experience highly beneficial in this respect.

Real Wood Veneer Cuts

There is the choice to opt for certain veneer cuts that will all deliver different appeal, or you could go for a combination of cuts or even timbers to produce a particularly striking finish. It all depends on the space you are working with and the overall style preferences of the client. The good news is we are on hand to help you create precisely what you or your clients desire.

Our commitment to quality and perfection means that we go to great lengths during the cutting and matching processes to ensure a consistent flow of grain from panel to panel. This is precisely what makes all the difference in the wood veneer finish.

It’s all about working together to achieve the most superior results. To talk to us about your project, please give us a call on 01277 811 771.

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