Veneered Wood Panelling

Veneered Wood Panelling

Wood veneer panels can transform interiors in an incredibly striking way. From welcoming reception areas and exquisite boardrooms to beautiful living spaces, carefully chosen, quality crafted veneered wood panelling can add no end of appeal.

Each project is unique. Why not ask for our expert advice on choosing the most appropriate timber species and cut for your wood veneer panels? It all depends on what you are looking to achieve, and the intended use of the finished product, and we’re here to help you make the right choice.

Veneered Wall Panels: The Ultimate in Versatility

Veneered wood panels can be used to hide unsightly pipework, as a focal design feature, to match furniture and fittings and much more. We’ve produced acoustic wood veneer panels for music venues; fire retardant panels to meet legislation and stunning marquetry inlaid panels that meet and greet visitors into corporate buildings.

Veneered Wood Privacy Screening

Whether you are looking to zone off an open plan office, or form break-out areas or meeting spaces, veneered wood panelling can be used with great effect to add a touch of class to your workspace. Why go for plain panelling when you can have stylish wood effect panels instead in the finish of your choice?

Wood veneer panels can also be used in hospitality settings. Creating family friendly booths is simple with wood panelling, and it provides a classy and elegant feel too. Bespoke veneered wood panels can be designed to blend with existing décor, whether contemporary or traditional, and there is also the option to factor in logos and branding too.

Privacy screening is also widely used in a domestic setting. A private dressing area can be created courtesy of veneered wood panelling, or you can use it to zone off a home working area. Sound proofing is possible.

The choice of timber dictates the overall look of the veneer wood panelling. Oak, wenge or mahogany veneers for example will fit best with traditional styling, whilst timbers such as maple, larch, elm or walnut lend themselves to creating a more contemporary feel. Privacy screening can also be inlaid with marquetry and parquetry designs, ideal for corporate branding.

Veneered Wood Acoustic Screening

Acoustic screens are ideal for use in open plan offices, particularly where there is a lot of verbal activity. They are also used widely in entertainment venues, recording studios and places of worship. The panels make certain that sound does not escape from the building, so that surrounding residents or wildlife are not disturbed.

Acoustic screening can be created using wood veneer panels. These create an attractive feature of the screening, and by cleverly selecting the timber you can achieve something that perfectly suits your tastes and the décor of your workplace. Again, corporate branding or patterns can be inlaid to really bring acoustic screening to life.

Decorative Fire Retardant Veneer Wall Panelling

Wall or ceiling panelling, partitions and display panels used in residential, commercial or public spaces must all meet strict certified standards and Building Regulations.

It is possible to produce wood veneer panelling so that it meets the necessary FR classifications for fire safety. And they don’t have to be plain. In fact, even the safest wood panelling can look incredibly attractive, blending seamlessly with the surroundings whilst providing the necessary protection at the same time.

For veneered wood panelling expertise, talk to Read Veneers

To create your veneered wall panelling feature, we can work from architects’ drawings and will always provide specialist guidance on achieving the perfect match to any existing or planned decorative scheme. Marquetry patterns set off any veneered wood panelling beautifully and we can even incorporate logos and coats of arms.

Please give us a call on 01277 811 771 or get in touch to discuss your veneer wall panel requirements and for helpful, expert advice.

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