Wood Veneers London

Wood Veneers London

When looking for specialists in wood veneers, London joiners, construction professionals and interiors experts can rely on the knowledge and experience of Read Veneers.

For over 25 years, Read Veneers has been a prominent name in the field of wood veneering. London wide, we have continuously served a variety of customers with a range of wood veneer services. From one-off commissions to extensive tenders, we are ready and waiting to assist with your project and can offer you a super-fast turnaround backed by a personal service from our family-run business.

FSC® Certified Wood Veneer Suppliers London

Read Veneers holds Forest Stewardship Council® certification (FSC® C109654). This means we work in line with the organisation’s standards governing the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide.

Your London wood veneering experts

For a quarter of a century, Read Veneers has operated at the heart of the wood veneering industry in London. Our relationships with interior designers, cabinetmakers, joiners, architects, construction professionals and commercial fit-out specialists have endured throughout the years, and we are constantly expanding our client base. For wood veneering, London property contractors know they can fully rely on our quality commitment.

The beauty of wood veneers

Once you realise the beauty of wood veneers, and all the other numerous benefits they offer, it soon becomes apparent the scope of what can be achieved.

From stunning veneered kitchens through to amazing office spaces, eye-catching furniture including veneered tables, doors, board rooms, receptions, rest rooms and veneer panelling, there is so much that can lend itself to wood veneering. London wide, it is no wonder then that our services have become so popular.

How to choose the right veneers for your London interiors project

We welcome you to contact us for the expert advice you need on choosing the right wood veneers to suit your individual project.

A lot goes in to selecting the most suitable veneers for every application. Veneers are so incredibly unique and radiate a huge amount of personality and sophistication. Certain species of timber lend themselves to particular projects, and using our experience, we are able to guide you when it comes to choosing what will stand out the most.

We are experts in wood veneer matching, a technique that achieves spectacular visual effects. The right matching technique makes a lot of difference to the overall finish and is the way to draw out the individual qualities of the timber. You can count on our knowledge in this field to help you make the best choices, because when it comes to wood veneers, London woodworkers know that the right advice will help get them that all-important competitive edge.

The same goes for veneer cuts. There are numerous ways to cut logs, each of which will result in a unique effect. Just like veneer matching, veneer cutting brings out the finer qualities of the grain and timber texture. If you’re looking for guidance on the best cutting method to achieve the aesthetic appeal you desire, you are welcome to ask our experts.

Quality commitment, personal service

There is no stone we’ll leave unturned here at Read Veneers in our quest for perfection and the utmost in quality finish.

Looking for a quality service in wood veneer? London based? Contact Read Veneers. We are committed to achieving the very best results in every project we are involved in for our clients, and we look forward to working with you.

To discuss your project call us on 01277 811 771 or click the button opposite to request a quote.

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