What is Edge Banding and What is it Used for?

In furniture, panel and door making, unfinished or rough edges aren’t the greatest look. But when using plywood or particle board, it is normal for there to be edges that are raw and don’t match.

If these edges are destined to be hidden, then no problem. But where visual appeal is important, a solution is needed to improve the look of the edges. That solution? Edge banding.

What is Edge Banding?

Edge banding involves taking a thin strip of veneer and gluing it to the exposed sides of substrates such as plywood, MDF and particle board. Solid wood may also be used, and this can either be glued or applied by making a groove in the receiving piece of wood. When applied carefully, edge banding can make the entire piece look seamless.

Wood has three types of grain: edge, end and face. The grain on each of these runs in a different direction. With edge banding, you see edge grain where you would normally see end grain. The difference is not obvious to the untrained eye, and is much more aesthetically pleasing than raw or exposed edges.

When is edge banding used?

Edge banding is used to enhance visual appeal, and to boost durability.

Raw edges are prone to damage. Edge banding, whether using veneer or solid wood, reinforces the sides of the piece, making it more resilient to wear and tear and protecting it from the elements.

It is important to protect edges, even for those surfaces that may not be in full view, such as the insides of cabinets. This is because, when things like drawers are regularly being moved in and out, they tend to wear significantly. Edge banded pieces are much more resistant to the likes of bumps, scrapes and knocks than raw edges.

In terms of aesthetics, edge banding provides the perfect finish to a piece, matching it all up and making it look reined and elegant all-round.

Edge banding also provides versatility. With each side of your piece matching, it won’t need to be changed if you repurpose it, for example if you switch from enclosed cabinets to open shelving.

Edge banding from Read Veneers

At Read Veneers we offer in-depth expertise in veneer edge banding for doors, furniture and panels, providing a seamless finish for all your woodworking projects.

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