Veneered Tables

Veneered Tables

Whether it’s a commission for a feature piece, something crafted to match a kitchen or other interior scheme, or a matching run for executive apartments, a hotel or other accommodation, here at Read Veneers we can help turn a vision into reality courtesy of our long term expertise in creating veneered tables of distinction.

Wood veneer tables

Veneered tables are constructed of a thin layer of natural wood which is bonded to a stable composite material. This makes the overall piece of furniture very stable. Where solid wood is susceptible to elements such as moisture and sunlight, in extreme conditions it can sometimes warp or split along the grain, whereas veneers make the furniture a lot more long lasting, as well as providing exceptional visual appeal. So if you are wondering are veneer tables durable, the answer is yes.

Solid wood vs veneer dining table

Aside from durability, the wonderful thing about wood veneer tables is that there are so many design possibilities, which means woodcrafters and joiners can truly express themselves.

With veneers so thin, designs and arrangements are possible that just wouldn’t work with solid wood.

Popular veneer table finishes

There are so many veneer finishes available which means the possibilities in terms of design and blending with interior themes is almost endless, so creativity can be allowed to thrive.

At Read Veneers we can help you choose the perfect natural veneer species for your individual project. Once you tell us the look you are seeking to achieve we can provide you with sample swatches to present to your clients.

Popular veneer table finishes include walnut veneer, an exotic timber with a rich, dark colour that displays variations depending on the particular species. This is a high end choice, often used in custom kitchens and for bespoke commissions like feature centrepiece tables. Walnut veneer tables are considered luxurious and combine seamlessly with both ultra-contemporary and traditional interior styles.

Oak veneer furniture offers a lighter look, but is equally opulent. If your client favours the Scandi feel then oak is a good choice as it works perfectly alongside modern finishes such as metal and glass. Oak veneer coffee tables, occasional tables and dining tables bring a touch of nature into the home, whilst keeping an air of freshness.

Expertise in veneered tables courtesy of Read Veneers

There are of course many more choices when it comes to your finish for wood veneer tables. Why not get in touch to discuss your project and discover what could work well for your client’s project?

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