Veneered Kitchens

Veneered Kitchens

At Read Veneers, we have been working alongside some of the UK’s most prestigious bespoke kitchen designers, cabinetmakers and joiners for almost three decades, providing an end-to-end service in all aspects of veneer woodworking.

Whether you’re crafting a one-off bespoke veneered kitchen or even a single cabinet, or it’s a full-run fit-out project where consistency is crucial, we have the expertise and capacity to deliver precisely what you need.

Natural wood veneers are used widely in kitchen design, creating eye-catching effects that are unique, appealing and hard-wearing too.

Our veneering services for kitchen designers include:

  • Matching for perfect flow from one cabinet to the next
  • Edge banding and lipping for a seamless finish that’s akin to solid wood
  • Fitting of hardware
  • Working to CAD/CAM files or drawings
  • Cabinet doors, panels and shelving
  • Matching wall panelling and doors
  • Advice on species selection and matching methods

Popular veneer species for kitchens

Oak, maple and walnut veneers in their various forms are some of the most popular choices for high end veneered kitchens.

Clustered oak for example creates an extremely striking effect, a real centrepiece for veneered kitchens.

Satin walnut and black American walnut are timeless classics but can also create a contemporary feel.

Many kitchen designers opt to blend solid wood with natural wood veneers. This works especially well with the likes of maple and oak. The effects really are very attention-grabbing.

Please feel free to ask us for advice on choosing and blending veneer species to create the precise effects that you or your client may be seeking.

Flawless matching for a perfectly seamless finish

As with all our products, we are able to provide expert advice on achieving a flawless match to blend seamlessly with any existing or planned design scheme of any style, whether that’s period, traditional or modern.

We can provide whatever you need fully factory machined and ready to fit, or prepared for your own finishing: our service is completely flexible.

Please give us a call on 01277 811 771 or get in touch for more information on our veneering services for kitchen designers and cabinetmakers, and for helpful, expert advice.

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