Veneer Jointing

Veneer Jointing

Wood veneering is the process of applying a thin layer of natural (a veneer slice) wood onto a substrate.

Since individual veneer slices tend to be no wider than 300mm, and many applications have surfaces that exceed that size, it is often necessary to join the slices together.

The first step in joining the veneers is matching. There are various expert veneer matching techniques, all of which can be used to achieve striking appeal. This is especially important in cabinetry design and when used for decorative panelling, where flow is everything.

Veneer matching allows the natural wood grain to blend beautifully from one sheet to the next, or conversely it can be used to create eye-catching contrast or highlight ornamental features.

What is veneer jointing?

Once the veneer slices are selected and arranged to suit the application, they then need to be joined. This process is known as veneer jointing, and there are various methods by which this is undertaken.

Jointing veneers is a skilled task undertaken by experienced experts. Seams need to be hidden so that the individual veneer slices appear as one seamless piece.

What are the veneer jointing methods?

Veneer jointing methods include:

  • Stitching
  • Splicing
  • Taping

Stitching and splicing are the most popular and long lasting methods, with custom machinery used to carry out the jointing under specialist supervision. Stitching works by laying a thread in a zig zag pattern across the back of the veneer slices, whilst splicing involves gluing the slices together.

Once the slices are joined they form to create a single sheet known as a layon which, as the name suggests can be laid on to any application, from panelling to furniture and cabinetry.

Veneer jointing expertise from Read Veneers

At Read Veneers we offer extensive experience across all methods of jointing veneers, choosing only the most appropriate method to suit the final product.

To learn more about our wood veneering services, you are welcome to get in touch for individual advice.