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Wood Veneering Services for Homes of Distinction

A home that has been punctuated with real wood veneers is a home that truly captures the imagination, and catches the eye of appreciation.

Here at Read Veneers, we have worked closely with interiors specialists, craftspeople, joiners, kitchen designers, construction experts and a host of other tradespeople and artisans for more than two decades, offering a range of wood veneering services to help create kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living spaces of outstanding effect.

Veneered Kitchens

Thanks to the versatility of veneers and the extensive range of timber species we are able to offer, there are endless possibilities when it comes to your bespoke kitchen design, whether the desired look is contemporary or classic. Wood veneers can be used to bring elegance to kitchen cabinetry, worktops, splashbacks, doors and wall panelling, and much more.

One of our most high profile veneering projects was at Sandbanks – the world’s fourth most expensive place to live – where we provided kitchen veneering for five exceptional properties. We work closely with some of the UK’s finest kitchen makers, helping to produce spectacular designs through wood veneering services such as expert veneer matching, jointing and finishing.

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Veneered Bathrooms

Eye catching and highly practical, wood veneers create an instant impression of style and can be used to great effect as panels to hide unsightly pipework and cisterns. Moisture and humidity is not a problem with our veneers which are applied with strong adhesive to waterproof board.

Bathroom veneers are perfect for pedestal cabinets, vanity units, storage, bath and wall panelling, and doors. Our wood veneering services for bathrooms include matching, jointing and veneer cutting. We are able to produce fully prepared doors, panels and boards ready for fitting, and offer services for both commercial and residential properties.

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Veneered Bedrooms

For bedrooms, veneered panels can be used to update or upgrade the fronts of existing fitted furniture, as well as being applied to new units at production stage. It’s not just wardrobes that can be veneered: entire bedrooms can be designed using standard or exotic wood veneers, with the theme running into an ensuite or dressing room if desired.

Wardrobes and armoires, cabinets and chests, dressers, headboards, privacy screens, wall panelling and doors all lend themselves to wood veneers for bedrooms.

Our wood veneering services extend to both commercial and residential projects. We are able to produce veneered panels, doors and cabinetry for hotels, student accommodation, apartment complexes and more, as well as for private domestic properties, always ensuring the perfect match of grain, even for the most extensive runs.

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Veneered Living Spaces

One very popular use of veneered wood panels in living rooms is to conceal integrated audio visual, communications and smart home connectivity. It’s also a popular casing for home cinema systems and of course, bespoke furniture which can be updated or upgraded with new fronts, or have wood veneers added at production stage.

Our wood veneering services are offered across the board, for both private residences and properties that are open to the public. Our experience extends to period properties, listed buildings and properties situated in conservation areas.

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