A Guide to Figured Veneers

The beauty of veneers lies in the unique figures that they present. Here we are taking a look figured veneers and the unique features they present.

Burr Veneers

This is one of if not the most coveted veneer figures. Burrs, or burls, are wart-like protrusions or knots which, when sliced into wood veneers, display striking patterns. Burr veneers are notoriously difficult to work with, but with the right expertise, the results are incredibly eye-catching. Examples are amboyna burr, olive ash burr, camphor burr, chestnut burr, elm burr and magnolia burr.

Tiger brown oak burr
Tiger brown oak burr

Quilted Veneers

One of the most high-end veneer choices, quilted figures display a rolling, clustered iridescence. Examples include quilted maple with dark heart; pink quilted maple and white quilted maple.

Figured veneers

Curly Veneers

Ripples formed of cross-grain shimmer where the orientation of cells falls unevenly. Mahogany curl, mahogany swirl and curly maple are good examples of this classically elegant figure.

Mahogany curl
Mahogany curl

Bird’s Eye Veneers

Dense wood cells create a dotted effect within the veneer. These are most often found in maple veneers but from time to time they will occur in other timber species.

Bird's eye maple
Bird’s eye maple

Crotch Veneers

When a tree branches off into new limbs, a swirly grain pattern naturally occurs. This transforms into a full flame figure known as crotch. These veneers display a high shimmer and are much sought after in high end furniture making.

Swirl Figured Veneers

Swirl figured veneers are very similar to crotch veneers, although a lot softer. The grain delicately snakes and weaves, creating areas of dark and light that add a striking depth to woodworking. Maple, cherry and mahogany are all timbers that lend themselves to swirl figure.

Fiddleback Veneers

A highly sought after veneer finish, similar to curly veneers but with a higher density of figure. The name is derived from its use on the backs of violins. Quarter cutting is used to make the grain extremely straight with beautiful curls running from edge to edge. Sycamore, makore and maple are some of the most common species to feature fiddleback figures.

Makore fiddleback figured douka
Makore fiddleback figured douka

Pommele Veneers

Pommele veneers resemble raindrops pitter-pattering down a window. This is an incredibly eye-catching veneer style. Take a look at eucalyptus pommele and its striking, almost iridescent finish.

Eucalyptus Pommele
Eucalyptus Pommele

Beautiful Figured Veneers with Specialist Advice

For specialist advice on choosing the right figured veneer for your woodworking project, talk to Read Veneers. We can provide you with access to a comprehensive range of the most beautiful figured veneers that will perfectly suit your clients’ requirements.