Alternative Veneers

Alternative Veneers

Whilst the majority of our work involves the use of real wood veneers, we do have a call for man-made veneers including engineered and constructional veneers, as well as environmentally responsible alternatives such as ALPI veneers.

In all cases there remains a vast array of variety when it comes to finishes, so there is no need to compromise on choice.

Man-Made Veneers

Sometimes there are situations where man-made veneers lend themselves to particular requirements. It’s something we’ll advise on, and we can make recommendations once we have a full understanding of the project.

Man-made veneers can be beneficial over natural wood veneer panels in some respects, including consistency of pattern and colour. They are crafted by gluing real wood veneers together in layers, then pressing them between a male and female jig. This process forms a solid block which is then cut in slices to produce the veneers. The process can be repeated over and over so as to create individual effects and patterns of a unique and decorative nature.

Engineered Veneers

Engineered veneers bring together non-tropical raw materials with modern manufacturing methods. The process leads to high quality veneers that are environmentally friendly.

ALPI Veneers

ALPI is an Italian range of veneers. These are thinly sliced architectural wood veneers that are made from fast growing trees in agricultural plantations and sustainable forests. Using thinly sliced wood from quick growing trees not only makes the cycle of production of ALPI veneers a fast and efficient one, it also guarantees a consistent colour, grain and finish too.

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