Veneered Living Spaces

Veneered Living Spaces

Here at Read Veneers, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most revered interior designers and refurbishment contractors for almost 30 years, delivering a comprehensive service across all aspects of veneer woodworking.

Real wood veneers are used to great effect all around the home. From high spec kitchens to bespoke bedrooms and charming bathrooms, there is little that cannot be brought to life through the application of exotic and architectural wood veneers. And that includes everyday living spaces.

We have over the years been involved in the creation of a number of wood veneer pieces for living spaces. Here are just some of our favourite uses of wood veneers for living spaces.

Home media panelling

One of the most popular uses of veneered wood panels for lounges, snugs and cinema and media rooms has to be for concealing the cabling for integrated audio visual, communications and smart home connectivity.

With everything connected these days, there is a huge need to conceal cabling, and a wood veneer panel makes the ideal solution, not least because it can be made into an aesthetically pleasing feature that can become the focal point of the room.

Room dividers

Whether you create a feature floating wall to segment a living space from the rest of an open plan layout, or you want something more permanent to close off a snug, or keep a kitchen area closed off during cooking times with a floor to ceiling sliding door, a wood veneer panel will always fit the bill, and the versatility of design will make it perfect for any style of finish.

Bespoke furniture

The use of natural timber in a living space creates a real sense of warmth and calm. A decorative wood veneer finish used on fitted or freestanding cabinets and doors, or as wall panelling, really does capture the imagination, especially when the wood grain is beautifully matched.

Wood veneers – the perfect choice for your living space

Being so robust and able to stand the test of time, as well as looking spectacular in any setting, wood veneers make a wise choice for any living space furniture or fittings.

At Read Veneers, we are ready to work with you on your next interiors project. From providing expert advice on choosing the perfect wood veneer species and substrates to suit your individual requirements, to helping you select the right veneer cuts and matching techniques, and creating your finished pieces, we have all you need for the perfect finish.

Our wood veneering services are suitable for private residences, as well as properties that are open to the public. Our experience extends to period properties, listed buildings and buildings situated in conservation areas.

To discuss your interiors project, please call us on 01277 811 771 or get in touch to learn more about our decorative wood veneer expertise for living spaces.