The Beauty of the Veneered Kitchen

A veneered kitchen is a thing of true beauty. Smooth, seamless and elegant, there is a certain depth of character borne out in the natural wood grain, beautifully framed in each cabinet and flowing from one to the next.

There is something special about the feel of nature streaming through your home, especially the kitchen where we spend so much time. The beauty of the veneer is that it is so versatile, there really is no limit to what the imagination can create in terms of design.

Veneered kitchen options

Whether you blend solid wood with wood veneers, combine wood veneer kitchen cabinets with high gloss or matt lacquers, or opt for a complete wood veneered finish, thanks to the extensive range of veneer species, there is so much that can be achieved by way of a veneered kitchen.

The overall look is all dependent on the veneer matching technique, which is down to the veneer woodworker rather than the joiner. Wood veneering experts know just how to work with the natural repeat of the grain and how to choose the right veneer. There is a great deal of skill involved in selecting and arranging each veneer leaf so that the very best is drawn out of the particular timber species.

When the highest quality matching is used, the most perfect flow results. But flow is just one option. Contrasts and mismatches can create just as eye-catching an effect, drawing the eye to architectural features within the kitchen.

Popular veneers for high class kitchens

Oak veneer kitchen cabinets are one of the most popular choices, as are walnut veneer kitchen cabinets.

Clustered oak and burr oak are particularly impressive veneers that can form a dramatic centrepiece for the high-end kitchen. When blended with solid oak or maple, the results are especially breath-taking.

Satin walnut and black American walnut veneer kitchen cabinets are also much admired veneers amongst bespoke woodworkers, joiners, interior designers and homeowners alike.

Expert wood veneering services for exceptional bespoke kitchens

Need advice on choosing the perfect veneers for your kitchen design project? Not sure how to blend the right selection of timbers to achieve the desired look? Read Veneers can help.

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