We were recently commissioned to produce a set of veneer panels and doors for one of the VIP areas at the O2 in London.

American black walnut was the wood species of choice and we were provided with designer’s drawings to follow. The project called for a high spec, striking finish, so crown cut veneers were selected for the eye-catching appeal of the natural patterns.

When working with such a prominent pattern and strong wood species, it’s vital to get the matching right. Failure to correctly match veneer panels would result in a very inconsistent look that you’d notice straight away, for the wrong reasons.

We applied meticulous attention to ensure the matching of each of the veneer panels so that everything flowed beautifully. You can see how the pattern is streamlined throughout the exterior veneer panels, the interior wall panels and vanity unit through to the doors and even on to the veneered fire check vision panel door for absolute consistency.

It takes great skill, knowledge and planning to achieve this level of high end veneer matching, and the outstanding effects can be seen for themselves.