Are Wood Veneers Suitable for Use in Kitchens and Bathrooms?

Whether they’re used as wood panelling or as part of stylish furniture, wood veneers are versatile and bring a distinctive look to any home or venue. At Read Veneers, we’re often asked if veneered kitchens and veneered bathrooms are viable due to the nature of the rooms being prone to humidity. Let’s explore the ways in which wood veneers can be used in these two rooms.

Veneered kitchens

 Wood veneers can look striking when used in a kitchen. Horizontal or vertical wood panelling are popular and give a contemporary feel, adding texture, colour and creating a stylish feature on a kitchen wall.

Wood veneers also work well when used in the kitchen to add a textural layer to drawers, clad the bottom of breakfast bars and central island units too. They can also be used with eye-catching pieces of furniture.

Not only do they look stylish and can be used in a different ways, but other benefits of wood veneers include being durable and eco-friendly too.

Open plan kitchen designs have become more popular in recent years. Wood panelling can help with acoustics, as it has natural soundproofing qualities.

You may think that veneered kitchens are incompatible due to the possibility of water and steam affecting the real wood veneer finish, but wooden veneers can make a superb addition to kitchen walls or to furniture as long as the kitchen is well ventilated, and moisture is kept to a minimum.

Real wood veneer finish kitchen

Oak, maple and walnut veneers are popular choices for beautiful veneered kitchens and satin walnut, or black American give a more on-trend feel.

Many people question whether they should use wood veneers or solid wood. But using a combination of the two textures together can work brilliantly and deliver a very appealing aesthetic.

Veneered bathrooms

Just like veneered kitchens, wood panelling can give a bathroom a distinctive look.

Veneered wood panelling can be used on any walls in a bathroom to create a striking feature, as long as you avoid placing it close to direct sources of water. Naturally, you will avoid using it in a wet room, or to line a shower cubicle.

In addition to being used on the walls, wood veneers can be used to add a touch of elegance to bathroom furniture, for example on vanity units or cistern surrounds. Wood veneers can also be used to great effect to disguise pipework.

Veneered rest rooms for the O2 London

Veneered bathrooms exude sophistication and are flexible enough to convey a contemporary or traditional look. As with the use of veneers in kitchens, veneered bathrooms should not be overly humid. Extractor fans can help with this. Applying a layer of sealant and using wood stains on the veneers can also add extra protection.

Veneered rest rooms give an elegant finish and no matter what your venue, cannot fail to make a stunning impression. Take a look at the luxurious high quality wood veneers in American black walnut that Read Veneers was commissioned to carry out for a VIP rest room at the O2 in London.

Wood veneering services for kitchen designers and bathroom fitters from Read Veneers

Whether you’re looking at a home interior project, or a wanting to add a touch of class to kitchens or bathrooms in a hotel or corporate venue, Read Veneers can help.

We work with interior specialists, joiners, cabinetmakers and contractors throughout the UK and can provide wood veneers to you either ready to fit or for your own in-house finishing.

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