How a Real Wood Veneer Finish Can be Used Around the Home

A real wood veneer finish is the ideal way to achieve an elegant interior across any room of the home. As well as being visually eye-catching, real wood veneers are durable, and have endless practical uses too.

Working with real wood veneers, it is possible to realise a variety of effects, especially when different species are mixed, and when the veneer cutting and veneer matching are done to perfection.

Impressive effects can also be achieved by blending natural wood veneers with solid wood. Combining the likes of oak and maple, the results are so exceptional it is no wonder this style of décor has become the preserve of leading interiors experts the world over.

Whether you’re looking to achieve a traditionally styled period interior, or something more contemporary, it’s all possible with a real wood veneer finish.

Let’s take a tour around the home and see how a real wood veneer finish can be used.

Real wood veneers in the bedroom

In a bedroom, a real wood veneer finish can truly bring furniture to life, fitted or freestanding. A principal suite can be perfectly streamlined using wood veneers, including dressing areas and ensuite bathrooms.

There are so many elements of a bedroom that lend themselves to wood veneers. Headboards for example can be transformed into extraordinary centrepieces. You could create a feature wall, and then match skirting, dados and doors for the ultimate sleek finish.

Privacy screening is another element of a bedroom that lends itself perfectly to a real wood veneer finish.

Take a look at some of these wood veneer bedroom ideas for inspiration.

Real wood veneer finish bedroom

Real wood veneer finish bathrooms

Veneered bathrooms have the ability to make a memorable impression. Whether wood veneers are used as panelling to create a period effect, or they’re applied to bathroom furnishings such as pedestals and vanity units, you’ll find the resulting aesthetic most appealing.

Hiding unsightly pipework is one of the major benefits of a real wood veneer finish in the bathroom.

The great thing about wood veneers is that they can be used safely in the humid conditions of a bathroom. Providing they are applied to a waterproof substrate using a strong adhesive, there should be no problems at all when it comes to using wood veneers in a regular bathroom. However, this type of finish is not recommended for wet rooms.

American Oak Quarter Cut Veneered Vanity Unit

Real wood veneer kitchens

A real wood veneer finish kitchen exudes a great deal of character. The natural grain of the wood, perfectly framed in each cabinet and flowing seamlessly from one to the next, really is a sight to behold.

High end kitchen designers often blend wood veneers with solid wood, and to great effect. Other effects include combining veneers with matt or gloss lacquers. With so many species of wood to choose from, it is also possible to blend two or more veneers.

Working with a wood veneering expert will provide you with the knowledge you need to choose the right veneer. They will also help you with veneer matching so that you select the right technique to suit your ultimate vision for the kitchen. Perfect matches are not always necessarily the name of the game. In some situations, contrasts are just as eye catching.

Real wood veneer finish kitchen

Expert advice on achieving the perfect real wood veneer finish for your home interior project

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