Engineered ALPI Veneers: An Eco-Sustainable Alternative to Natural Wood

ALPI is a range of engineered veneers from Italy. Made from fast growing trees in agricultural plantations and sustainable forests, these veneers can be considered an eco-sustainable alternative to natural wood veneers. And there are other benefits.

Because they are made from thinly sliced wood from fast growing trees, not only does this make the cycle of production of ALPI veneers a fast and efficient one, it also guarantees you’ll get full consistency of colour, grain and finish.

ALPI Engineered Veneers: Perfect for Hotel and Retail Chains

This is particularly useful for projects involving extensive tenders, such as for hotel chains, apartment complexes or retail outlets. It means that each fit-out will match the next precisely, and this is obviously an important factor for brand consistency and recognition.

There is also the added benefit of being able to request exact matches in the future. So for example if a new branch opens, or a property is extended, it will be completely possible to continue the consistency of the finish gained through the ALPI veneers.

The engineered veneers we use at Read Veneers come with FSC chain of custody certification. They are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses, and the laminate format is particularly suitable for hotel and shop fitting work.

We worked with specialist contractor Genson Limited to assist in the fit-out of a high end apartment block featuring an elegant veneer finish. We crafted veneer doors and fittings for 164 apartments using ALPI veneers. This produced a slick finish, which continued on into the skirting and architraves.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

ALPI is completely transparent when it comes to social and environmental responsibility and places strong focus on excellence in the use of natural resources. All ALPI veneers are crafted with lime wood, poplar and ayous wood from certified sustainable forests. A great deal of care also goes into environmental protection too, and as a company ALPI continuously supports protection plans and projects for the safeguarding and growth of local populations.

ALPI Engineered Veneers, Available From Read Veneers

There is a wide variety of options within the engineered veneer range. Grains can be crown cut, quarter cut, burr, birds’ eye or patterned and there are some exceptionally beautiful possibilities when it comes to colours.

If you’d like to learn more about ALPI veneers, why not get in touch with veneer woodworking specialists Read Veneers? We work extensively with all types of veneers and would be delighted to talk through your project and discuss some ideas for the perfect finish.