Spotlight on Veneered Wood Doors

One of our most popular services is veneered wood doors. Our investment in cutting edge machinery has allowed us to offer a super-fast turnaround, plus we can work from your CAD-CAM drawings to make things even easier for you.

From sophisticated bespoke veneered wood doors crafted to harmonise with everything from the most contemporary to the most traditional interiors, through to veneered fire doors to protect your staff and visitors and ensure your compliance with the latest fire regulations, all our doors are tailor made to order, and can be supplied at any thickness or size.

Veneered oak doors

On this recent project we produced veneered oak doors for a high end property. For the interior we worked with stained oak, and for the exterior stained ash. The dark stain was particularly elegant and worked well in the modern surroundings.

Veneered maple doors

On this next project we produced beautifully matched maple doors for this office building, a very attractive addition to this workspace. Maple is a very popular veneer species for doors, especially in contemporary workplaces where a light and airy feel is the order of the day.

Veneered double door in oak with walnut inlay

And for this project we were involved in the creation of an exquisite double glass panel door crafted from oak with a walnut inlay. The detail was most eye-catching, and the blend of the two veneer species really did work so well.

Oak with walnut inlay cropped veneered wood doors

The full service in veneered wood doors from Read Veneers

As well as producing veneered doors, we can also match panels and frames for consistency. All doors can also be machined for locks and hinges and other ironmongery, which we can fit on your behalf.

We are experts in extensive runs, for example office complexes, hotels and apartment buildings, where there is a need for perfect matching, and have the capability to meet orders of all sizes with an efficient turnaround.

For further information or to request a personalised quotation for your veneered wood doors project, please get in touch.